Chinedu Oji

Actor – Filmmaker – Producer

Chinedu Oji is an actor, writer, director and producer based out of Los Angeles, California. Originally from Houston, Texas he is a first-generation Nigerian-American who began his film and television career after graduating from the University of Houston. His love for film began as a 13-year-old kid when he would get dropped off at the movie theaters and watch films from the afternoon until late at night for the price of one ticket. It was not until he performed in his first short film project where he felt a career in the film and television entertainment industry is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life no matter the obstacles that stood in his way.

In 2014 he made a trip to Los Angeles where he visited a post-production studio and, in that moment, he made the decision it was time to make the move out to Hollywood to pursue his dream full-time. He has been featured in films such as “A Curry on an American Plate” “Caught Between the Two” “Acute Failure” “Ladies and Gentlemen” and more. He has also been featured on the Television shows “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead” and his recurring role on BET’s “Games People Play.”

When he is not acting, Chinedu is creating projects for Two18 Productions such as his feature film romantic comedies in development “Closure” and “Everything’s A Joke.”