Chinedu Oji a first generation Nigerian was raised in Houston, Texas. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Houston where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Health; although studying science was not his passion his parents were not going to help him with school fees if he had revealed he wanted to be an actor. After graduating he decided it was time for him to follow his true passion and become an actor since that was the only path he could ever see himself following. He began his journey by taking local film acting classes at schools such as the Film Acting Academy and Next Actor Studio in Houston Texas. After much success Chinedu would soon branch out to Los Angeles for further training with coaches such as Margie Harber, Carolyne Barry and Gregory Berger-Sobeck.

After a few roles in some short films, Chinedu got his big break as a co-leading actor in the feature film “Caught Between the Two” and a principal role in the SAG comedy “Curry on an American Plate”. Chinedu has been described as a “Commanding, Fearless and Intense actor” who is devoted in mastering his craft to become one of the greatest actors to grace the silver screen.